Lightning Talks at UQAM

2nd meeting of the SE community (06/06/19)

Posted by Sébastien Mosser

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The second meeting of the SE@MTL community will be hosted by UQAM on Thursday June 6th at the Pavillion Président-Kennedy, room PK-R-250.

For this event, we will experiment a format with multiple short talks and discussions, to give attendees an overview of what is happening in software engineering in the Département d’Informatique.


Please RSVP before June 4th in this form.


Each lightning talk will length 6 minutes. Questions and discussions will be grouped at the end of each lightning session, and during the social event.

  • 14:30 - 14:45: SE@MTL News (website, next event, …)
  • 14:45 - 16:00 : Lightning talks and discussions
    • Session #1 (30 minutes)
      • Teaching software engineering using Island (Sébastien Mosser)
      • Capture of silent security patches and reports (Arthur Sawadogo)
      • Filtering and Interpreting data from IoT systems (RAMANANTSOA Tsilavina Mamtina)
    • Session #2 (20 minutes)
      • Validating Hidden Code Dependencies Through Runtime Traces (Mohamed Amine Haddaji)
      • Identifying conflicts in LLVM (Sébastien Michelland)
    • Session #3 (20 minutes)
      • Service Identification to support the migration of legacy systems to SOA (Manel Abdellatif)
      • A Development Framework for Customer Experience Management (Imen Benzarti)
  • 16:30 - … : Social encounter at To Be Announced

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